PackageCompiler is a Julia package with two main purposes:

  1. Creating custom sysimages for reduced latency when working locally with packages that have high startup time.

  2. Creating "apps" which are a bundle of files including an executable that can be sent and run on other machines without Julia being installed on that machine.

The manual contains some uses of Linux commands like ls (dir in Windows) and cat but hopefully these commands are common enough that the points still come across.

Installation instructions


It is strongly recommended to use the official binaries that are downloaded from Distribution-provided Julia installations are unlikely to work properly with this package.

To use PackageCompiler a C-compiler needs to be available:

macOS, Linux

Having a decently modern gcc or clang available should be enough to use PackageCompiler on Linux or macOS. For macOS, using something like homebrew and for Linux the system package manager should work fine.


A suitable compiler will be automatically installed the first time it is needed.

Upgrading from pre 1.0 PackageCompiler

There are some notes to facilitate upgrading from the earlier version of PackageCompiler here